Frank Boal: Chiefs defense was key to Week 1 win against Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Chiefs opened the 2013 season in Jacksonville this afternoon, and Game One could not have gone any better.

This is the way to start a season.

The Chiefs destroyed the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars today.

The key to the win? Defense.

Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton put together the perfect scheme, and the players executed it perfectly.

The Chiefs sacked Jags starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert six times. The former Missouri star didn't have a chance and his offensive line didn't help.

The Chiefs came from up the middle, off the ends, everywhere. Jacksonville was totally confused.

To cap it all off, Tamba Hali beat the Jags #1 pick Luke Joeckel and stepped right in front of a Gabbert delivery for an easy pick six.

The Chiefs passed on Joeckel and picked Eric Fisher instead. For at least one game, it looks like the right choice

The Chiefs outplayed the Jags and look like a totally different team.

Head coach Andy Reid and his staff have this outfit looking like a real NFL team. But remember, it's just one game. And a real contender, the Dallas Cowboys, will be at Arrowhead next Sunday.

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