Scott Pioli opens up about Jovan Belcher murder-suicide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Scott Pioli described witnessing Jovan Belcher kill himself as beyond surreal on The Dan Patrick Show.

In the interview Tuesday, the former Kansas City Chiefs general manager described the incident as something he's still struggling to understand. (Scroll down to watch the full video.)

"The truth is, I haven't made sense of it all. I don't know if any one of us that were there will ever make sense of it," Pioli said. "Every human being -- I don't care who you are -- has these deep, dark places ... clearly there was something with Jovan that none of us knew."

Belcher committed suicide in the parking lot of the Chiefs training facility shortly after killing his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, with whom he had an infant daughter. Belcher thanked Pioli, former head coach Romeo Crennel and a handful of other team staff for everything they'd done for him, then fatally shot himself in the head.

Pioli said he doesn't consider himself a victim.

"Unfortunately, I witnessed something horrific, but the reality is I'm not unique. This is happening all over our world, all over our country, and that's the bigger picture," he explained. "There's this poor girl that lost her life -- this isn't just about Jovan. There was domestic abuse involved."

Pioli said he doesn't believe football played any part in Belcher's actions.

"Football and his mother were the only stable things in his entire life, it was the thing that gave him structure, gave him worth," he said. "There's places that people have within their minds and souls that you just don't know, and you're never going to know, and it's -- it's just awful."

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