NFL talks football, concussions with local mothers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Tuesday night, local mother Paige Murphy learned how to keep her son safe on the football field.

But as her son completes his junior year at Olathe North High School, she hopes a quick hit to her son's head won't destroy his dream.

"My son did have a concussion as a freshman when he played," Murphy said. "It happened right before halftime and it was a nasty hit. It wasn't a late hit, it was just literally where his head just bounced off the turf."

Murphy is just one of 600 mothers who came to get answers about concussions from the NFL's Leading Man Tuesday night.

Commissioner Roger Goodel and the NFL have been heavily criticized for denying that concussions can lead to brain disease.

Medical experts believe parental awareness and concern about concussions has led to a decrease in participation in youth football leagues.

The NFL hopes to appeal to the women responsible for putting the young talent on the field. Many moms said the sport is worth the risk.

"I think there are always concerns. It's a dangerous sport, but every sport is dangerous," Jamie McDonald, another local mother, said.

Murphy agrees to an extent.

"Like anything in life, when you get behind the wheel of your car, you're taking a risk," she said.

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