JACK SMACK: It's hard to talk smack on the Chiefs, but there is one thing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When you're the only unbeaten team in the National Football League – it's even hard for me talk smack about our Kansas City Chiefs. But there's something I want to, run by you.

I can't let Andy Reid completely off the hook for the call early in the fourth quarter -- his decision to go for it: 4th and one at the goal line.

Chiefs were up by only a point at the time, 17-16.

Obviously they don't score a lot -- so the coach is fair game when it comes to critiquing this particular move.

It was critical to take three points off the board at the time.

The fact he did it is really not the issue with me. What I took exception with was the specific play-call, on fourth and one.

Rolling out and throwing on the run can always be dangerous inside the ten yard line.

The tight end happened to be open in the end zone but Alex Smith threw a lollipop and McGrath couldn't catch it.

Too many bad things can happen when you put it up in that tight window. I would prefer to see the Chiefs punch it in.

If they don't make it, I trust the defense to get the stop.

Look, there are too many good things happening with this football team right now to nit-pick.

But it's a fact we've gone three straight weeks now without the quarterback throwing a touchdown.

Wasn't accuracy supposedly, his strength? I haven't seen a whole lot of that yet.

As good as this defense has been, and it's not a stretch to call it the best in the NFL-- the Chiefs just can't rely on winning these 17-16 games.

While we all love what is happening, let's be honest here. Chiefs are about to start running out of opponents like Cleveland and Buffalo.

That's Jack Smack.

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