Jack's Smack: Did Mike Alden know about the Miami situation when he interviewed Frank Haith?

That recruiting bomb detonated in Miami has scarred the landscape of college athletics.

It's going to be interesting to see how the fallout affects the Missouri basketball program.

Did Frank Haith really know about that $10,000 dollar cash payment to one of his recruits at Miami?

I think Mike Alden could be in trouble, if these allegations prove to be true.

Frank Haith was Missouri's second choice to begin with to replace Mike Anderson in April.

The hiring of Haith caught, everybody, I mean everybody, in college basketball, by surprise.

Mizzou alums were not happy with the hire at the time and the poor record Haith had at Miami.

Haith did earn some respect in his travels around the state.

I want to know, if and what Mike Alden knew about this Miami situation when he interviewed Haith back in March.

The coach admits no knowledge of the cash payment and thru a university spokesman, said he had no involvement with this Shapiro guy.

Well, pictures on the Internet would say that is not true.

Haith is shown in several photographs, one with his arm around Shapiro.

The Miami booster told federal authorities that he and Haith became good friends.

They even went to a strip club together.

Shapiro felt Haith turned his back on him, when he, Shapiro, was sent to prison.

He says, that's when the Miami coaches returned the $10,000 dollars.

The closer you look, the more credible, this story seems.

Everything is documented.

Shapiro has all the credit card receipts and perhaps the most damning evidence, is more than 10,000 photographs.

This guy is more than a booster, trying to bring down some gullible, young athletes. He's a felon.

He's also a smart man and a smooth operator.

Remember, Shapiro is in prison for stealing nearly a billion dollars in a Ponzi scheme.

If Mike Alden and Frank Haith both knew about this back in April when Haith was hired, then both men need to be fired.

That's Jack's Smack.

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