JACK'S SMACK: After disastrous seasons, KC sports teams finally fun to watch again

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Maybe I'm beginning to mellow in my old age, but I noticed over the weekend how sports have become a lot of fun to watch again.

I don't have to talk about our tightwad owner – but if our manager keeps messing up with this rotation, Ned Yost will need to be called out.

It's about time but the patient fans of this town are being rewarded with a renaissance of sorts. The Royals have captured the imagination of even the marginal fan with their dramatic, late-inning comebacks.

It's been a long time since baseball has been so popular in this town – not since the late 70s or 80s when the Royals were winning divisions and playing in World Series.

Make no mistake: This team is for real.

However, there is one major wart that has been exposed – no power. It's messing up the overall beauty of the team.

The league averages 32 HR's. The Royals have half that number.

That's got to change.

We need a big bopper to the rescue, or this is not going to end well....

On the west side of town, Sporting Kansas City is the epitome of what good ownership is all about.

The venue at Sporting Park is second to none. The team is so stacked with talent, players – and I mean good players – are on loan to other teams.

I'm still trying to figure out what this sport is all about.

For the life of me, I can't understand how you can let your players go off and play for somebody else right in the middle of the season. It's crazy, but hey – it works for them. So be it.

Strange things happen in soccer.
Jimmy Nielsen gets a shutout. They play over 90 minutes, and he doesn't make a save.

How can that be? When you win 4-nil, I guess you don't ask. Just enjoy the good times.

Lord knows we've had enough of the other kind.

That's Jack's Smack.

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