JACK'S SMACK: Big 12 up for grabs this season, while Gary Pinkel must win or else

KANSAS CITY, mo. - I know it's still early, but I'm a little concerned about the quality of college football around here this fall.

The Big 12 Conference is pretty much up for grabs.

While K-State is coming off a very good season, the Cats have some serious issues on defense.

Oklahoma, who shared the title with K-State, lost in the Cotton Bowl by four touchdowns to A&M, a team that could finish only 5th in the SEC.

Those Big 12 trophies by the Cats and Sooners have lost some of their shine over the winter months.

I like Oklahoma State to win it this year.

Keep in mind, the Big 12 doesn't even have a team ranked in the pre-season Top 10.

Alright, closer to home Charlie Weis is loading up with JuCo players at Kansas. KU is pretty much viewed as nothing more than  an easy win on the schedule for everybody every year.

Two conference victories in the last 4 years, 2 and 32 in league play for the Jayhawks. They didn't win a game last year in the conference.

I feel sorry for Charlie, I really do. He's a good guy, but let's be honest, he has no chance at that school.

Vince Lombardi, in his heyday, would not have won at Kansas.

Now, I know I create a certain ire in many of you, for my allegiance to Missouri, so write this one down.

This could be it for Gary Pinkel.

I don't see how he survives another 2-6 record in the SEC. The Tigers don't play Alabama or LSU this year, but 3 conference wins is pretty much the ceiling for Missouri.

Here's another reason Pinkel could be in trouble. Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky are all doing a better job of recruiting.

It's a tough business. Seven head coaches in the SEC have been fired in the last couple of years.

Pinkel should be nervous, really nervous. He cannot last winning only two or three games each season, not in this league.

That's Jack Smack.

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