Jack's Smack: Can't we just enjoy the Big 12 tournament games?

Let the games begin.

There won't be a bigger week for college basketball in this town and I'm talking about a city that's held more Final Four's than any place in America.

This year's Big 12 tournament has been reduced to 10 teams, but half of them will play on into the NCAA tournament.

The conference has done a terrific job over the years in Kansas City but shame on the Big 12 for closing the doors and shutting out the public from watching practices this year

I understand the new bracket with only 10 teams, has created some dead times at the arena, but come on.

The fans have been too good too loyal to this tournament for too long.

The event is sold out which means a financial bonanza for everyone involved including the ticket scalpers.

They're already visible in the area surrounding Sprint Center.

By the way, there's no law against scalping tickets in Missouri.

You've got to have a business license.

What I see, for the most part, is some people trying to turn a fast buck on the street corner.

Face value of a ticket runs from $22 to $40 dollars.

Brokers are already getting anywhere from $165 to $235 dollars a ticket.

Should this shape up as an all KU/MU final on Saturday, tickets could go for up to $2,000 a pop.

I won't even take a stab at what a beer will cost at the P&L.

I hear the tournament is worth $15 million dollars to area businesses.

Bill Self got the sparks flying Monday when he suggested Kansas City, is more of a KU/K-State town than a Missouri town.

Self made the comment when discussing how successful the tournament will be after Missouri leaves for the SEC.

Anyhow, the Missouri fans are steamin' after his comments.

But so what?

This intense hatred and vitriol is beyond me.

I think we all need to lighten up a little.

It's nothing more than a freakin' basketball game.

Time is now to stop all the name calling and other crap that is going on.

Can't we just enjoy the games?

That's Jack's Smack.

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