JACK'S SMACK: Chiefs' first-round cuts show more than meets the eye

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When the Chiefs announced their first round of cuts on Sunday, I think we learned a whole lot about the new people running the football operation at Arrowhead.

John Dorsey and Andy Reid have given us an inside peek on how they will do business.

You don't see many general managers getting rid of their own draft picks before the regular season even starts. Dorsey and Reid did that.

They pulled the plug on former Kansas State University fullback Braden Wilson.

I'll be honest, when the Chiefs drafted Wilson in the sixth round, I thought, "Fine. He's a K-State guy and a late-round pick and they're trying to appease a local fan base."

That's what Carl Peterson had a history of doing around here.

Heck, one year he took two KU guys in the same draft class.

It's a stretch when a Jayhawk gets signed as a free agent in the NFL. But two guys drafted in the same year, by the same team…that may be a first for KU football.

Anyhow, it takes some stones to do what the Chiefs just did.

They've clearly sent a message, saying, "We don't care if you're a draft pick or a free agent. If you can't cut it, you're gone."

I like that. Here's another good sign: the fact they didn't hesitate to dump Jonathan Baldwin speaks volumes.
Baldwin, a number one pick only two years ago, was a complete bust.

The new guys chased him, out of town. They get it. But can they win football games?

Yep, I've got them winning nine games this year.

That's Jack's Smack.

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