JACK'S SMACK: Does anyone really think Iowa State is going to challenge KU at the end?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I've never been a big fan of the RPI when it comes to putting college basketball teams in their proper place among their peers. A tougher schedule = better RPI ranking. We all get that.

The Big 12 conference is currently ranked No. 1 in RPI. I'm sure the Big 10 could make a strong argument against that.

Wisconsin and Michigan State ranked No. 3 and No. 4 in the country.

Iowa State at No. 8 is the Big 12's highest ranked team. The conference has five teams in the AP poll again this week. They just keep beating up on one another.

Four of the five have already lost in league play.

You can make a point that parity comes into play in the Big 12 or you can say KU is too good for everyone else.

Kansas and Oklahoma State were the pre-season co-favorites. Baylor and Iowa State were next in the order.

I've already scratched off Baylor as a contender and I'm not convinced Oklahoma State will live up to the pre-season hype. So, here's the deal:

Does anyone really believe Iowa State is going to challenge Kansas at the end? It's tough to win on the road but I think most of us have a pretty good idea who the eventual conference winner is going to be.

We can kid ourselves into believing there will be a race to the finish.

Nope. Not with a team that has three lottery picks in the starting lineup.

We need to accept the fact that this league is a one-trick pony. Sure we get some competitive games but it's a boring league.

It's that way every year unless you're a KU fan.

All this RPI chatter is for naught. It doesn't mean squat.

That's, Jack's smack.

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