JACK'S SMACK: KU might as well pack their bags for Dallas

I guess I was all wrong about the Kansas Jayhawks.

I thought this was the year – their arrogance would be muted. I thought this was the year – they were vulnerable with Missouri no longer around to keep them honest.

I was wrong.

I should have known K-State couldn't beat KU. I've said this often – the fact that Kansas has to share a trophy is absolutely wrong.

After beating their in-state little brothers twice during the season, the Jayhawks laid wood to K-State again in the Big 12 Championship. They beat them three times this season.

Look, this league always has been and always will be about KU, and then everybody else. That's the way it is around here.

Now that the brackets are out, I was wondering how long it would take before a KU fan would start whining about the Jayhawk's first opponent. I talked to a buddy today who is a KU fan. "No way Western Kentucky should be a 16-seed. They're better than that. They should be at least a 12-seed."

Hey, it's all in fun. That's what fans do this time of the year.

I find it interesting that the committee is sending North Carolina here for what they hope is a TV matchup Sunday against KU. They could have done the right thing by placing Missouri in Kansas City.

I will bet you TV put the nix on that one. The UNC/KU matchup has a great national appeal for television.

Bottom line – I think it's safe for KU fans to go ahead and pack their bags for Dallas. Personally, I don't think the Jayhawks deserve a free pass this year, but they're getting one.

You just can't lose to TCU and get blown out by Baylor and be a 1 seed. Those two teams didn't even make the tournament.

KU gets rewarded and plays five games in 10 days at Sprint Center. That's eight games this season here in Kansas City. They played only 16 true home games during the regular season in Allen Field House.

I know Louisville gets to play in nearby Lexington, but the Cardinals had to go to New York to play in the Big East tournament. With a big-time tournament and championships at stake, nowhere does a team have home court advantage like Kansas.

It's always good to be a Jayhawk in March.

That's Jack's Smack.

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