JACK'S SMACK: Ned Yost could go down as greatest - or worst - Royals manager this season

The way things are going with the Royals, Ned Yost is going to become the most-liked manager in this town since Whitey Herzog – or the most despised since Bob Boone.

While the strategies of these men differ greatly as managers, their personalities are eerily compatible. Both come across as cocky and brash and, at times, could be arrogant and overbearing.

Whitey was a much better handler of a pitching staff. Yost gives the impression that he knows more about baseball than Abner Doubleday. Bob Boone was cut from that same cloth.

Whitey maintained a pretty even keel. Didn't get too full of himself when they were winning and wasn't a jerk to deal with when things were not going well.

Whitey was always outspoken. He did not get along with the owner's wife, Mrs. Kauffman. It eventually cost Herzog his job.

There are times that Yost comes across as a whiner. He doesn't like to be second guessed on his managerial moves – and that doesn't bode well for any manager in this day and age.

The thing I like about Ned Yost is he wears his emotions on his sleeve. He'll tell you exactly what he thinks. He never rips his players in public, and seems to have a pretty good relationship with most of them.

Whitey is, hands-down, the Royals' most popular manager of all time.

I think Yost is definitely, the right man for this team. Management has surrounded him with enough good players to be competitive.

Now, he needs to steer the Royals back to the glory days when winning wasn't expected – it was demanded after the A's left town for Oakland.

That's Jack's Smack.

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