JACK'S SMACK: Next game vs. the Broncos will be a different animal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Now that I've had some time to sleep on it, I feel better about the legitimacy of the Chiefs. Much better than I felt going into the game at Denver.

If you had told me Manning would go virtually untouched, no sacks, left standing upright and clean, I would have predicted a 41-17 Denver rout Sunday night.

If the Chiefs had put any pressure on Manning or knocked him down a few times, they could have won that game.

I don't want to be accused of being a "house man," but I firmly believe the next game between these two teams at Arrowhead is going to be a different animal.

Red and yellow paint stains from the turf will be smeared all over that orange and blue #18 jersey. They will come after Manning from every angle.

I think there's a 50 percent chance he will not be on the field when the fourth quarter rolls around on December 1.

Anybody want that?

This game must be treated like there is no tomorrow for either team.

It sets up beautifully.

Denver will lose at New England, the Chiefs will beat the Chargers and we're right back in the same situation.

The winner will be in position for the #1 seed in the playoffs. That set up gives you a shot at two home games and a trip to the New Jersey Super Bowl.

But somehow, someway, the Chiefs have to find a way to score some points. I'm not real sure how that's going to happen.

I know this: Andy Reid has to stop playing it cozy. It's time to turn the quarterback lose. Throw the damn football more than five yards. What do you have to lose?

We're at the stage of the season when you have to take a risk to get where you want to go. And to get where the Chiefs ultimately want to go, the Denver quarterback must be on his back.

That's Jack's Smack.

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