JACK'S SMACK: NFL putting clamps on players; sucking in money from pre-season games

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Football fans have been paying top dollar for seats to an NFL game for a long time. We've come to expect it.

The problem I have is paying regular season prices for pre-season games. There's no question it's a blatant rip-off.

Now, the league is putting the clamps on what the young players coming in can earn.

The days of throwing Monopoly-type money at unproven players like Jamarcus Russell are long gone. Colin Kaepernick who led the 49ers to the Super Bowl, will make $700,000 dollars this year.

That's a paltry sum for any NFL quarterback and this guy took a team the Super Bowl.

Compare it to baseball. Luke Hochevar of the Royals who throws maybe 50 pitches a week out of the bullpen makes $4 million a year.

The NFL's new collective bargaining agreement, severely limits what rookies can make.

Russell Wilson, the Seattle quarterback, tied Peyton Manning's rookie touchdown record of 26
TDs last season. He makes $546,000 a year.

Russell, cannot, renegotiate until 2015.

Sam Bradford, the lucky dog, got the last big rookie deal. Four years and $50 million with the Rams.

Andrew Luck, Cam Newton and Chiefs #1 pick, Eric Fisher are making half that.

And how about this? Luke Joeckel the #2 guy in the draft, makes $300,000 a year more than Fisher because Joekel doesn't have to pay state taxes in Florida where he was drafted back to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Look, this is not a pity song for the salary-deprived young players. The NFL is putting the screws to all of its paying customers.

You'll be mumbling some choice words when you have to shell out $27 to park at Arrowhead thursday night for the Packers game.

This is the most glorified practice game of the pre-season. Back-ups will be on the field most of the night. Some of the number ones won't even play.

Look, I'm happy the football season is here, but there isn't any way I'm paying $27 to park to watch  a practice game.

The Chiefs can do much better than that.

That's Jack's Smack.

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