JACK'S SMACK: No Albert and Chiefs agreement, no surprise

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It comes as no surprise that Branden Albert and the Chiefs were not able to work out a long term deal. Of course, don't feel sorry for the big left tackle.

He's get nearly $10 million from the Chiefs to make it through next year.

The Chiefs had already slapped the tag on Albert and missing this deadline means no more negotiating until after the season is over.

Of course, Albert then becomes a free agent.

Chiefs have him right where they want him. Now, they can see if his back is going to hold up.

But there continues to be a red-flag here. Albert started just one of the last six games this past season. He missed three complete games because of back problems. The Chiefs would be crazy to tie-up long term money at this juncture.

Ryan Clady, left tackle with Denver, just signed a deal for five years - $53 million, $33 million guaranteed.
33 million guaranteed. He gets $10.5 million in a roster bonus.

So you get the idea of how much Albert was asking. I'm with the Chiefs on this one. That's a lot of money to protect a quarterback, but in Denver's case, the Broncos felt it was worth it to keep Peyton Manning clean.

The Chiefs covered all the bases when they drafted Eric Fisher as their top pick.

If Albert decides to bail after next year, the Chiefs won't lose any sleep over it. They'll just slide Fisher from the right side over to the left side next season and bingo, Alex Smith never misses a beat.

This new regime at Arrowhead is making it too easy and to this point: I can't find anything to complain about heading into training camp.

Yes, I'm sure that's going to change, but it sure is quiet right now.

That's Jack Smack.

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