JACK'S SMACK: Offense sells tickets, defense wins the championship

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - How about those TV ratings from the Super Bowl? Absolutely staggering when you consider the game was a blowout.

Kansas City had the highest overall viewer rating, higher than Seattle and Denver. That's unreal, the popularity of pro football in our town.

Alright, after watching the Super Bowl, I think about the work the Chiefs have in front of them until they can really compete for another NFL championship.

The Seahawks' secondary made me cringe when thinking about Kendrick Lewis, Dunta Robinson, Brandon Flowers and some of those DB's the Chiefs were trotting out every week. That's why they couldn't beat Denver this year.

Priority #1: got to fix the secondary. It's an absolute must.

Seattle's front four was pretty darn good too in putting pressure on Manning.

I think they blitzed Denver only 12 percent of the time.

The Chiefs and everybody else loaded up with safety blitzes during the season.

I know this is a pass happy league, but I loved watching a team run the ball twice as much as throwing it and still be able to win a championship in a landslide.

Marty was the last Chiefs head coach to dominate with defenses year after year.

It's really, really hard in this day and age to build a defense like Seattle. The league wants to make it easy for quarterbacks to throw 60 touchdown passes every season.

We see a yellow flag every time a DB just barely rubs against a wide receiver. It's all about the offense in the NFL.

Well, this Seattle defense is very, very special.

How long will it last? I don't know. These guys all want to get paid so it's a matter of how long they'll be able to stay together.

What we witnessed in this Super Bowl pretty much throws water on the notion you can only win the big one with a marquee quarterback. And that's not true.

The Seattle Seahawks are just re-enforcing my opinion that offense sells tickets but defense really does win championships.

That's Jack's Smack.

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