JACK'S SMACK: Royals need a manager who will crack the whip

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You know the Royals are still relevant when the fans jumped all over the manager for giving Eric Hosmer what amounts to a half-game off on Tuesday night.

Ned Yost used Hosmer as the designated hitter. It turned out all right because Hosmer was on base all night.

What sticks in the crawl of most fans is having to watch Billy Butler try to play first base. He can't.  He shouldn't be on the field. He's a designated hitter.

He's also become a liability because his home run production is way down and he bounces into way too many double plays.

But, this is more of a managerial-popularity thing. Yost has been a lightning rod for the past couple of years.

Fans will not forget how he kept trotting Jeff Francouer out there night after night.

Frenchy, who came up with Yost in the Atlanta organization, couldn't hit a lick.

I think you can make a pretty good case that Yost is guilty of playing too many favorites on this team.

He's still playing Chris Getz.

Yost never gave Johnny Giavotella a legitimate shot at second. And how can we forgive the manager for sending Danny Duffy back to the minors last month after that masterpiece he threw against Detroit?

Here again, the manager wanted Wade Davis back in the rotation. It was a big mistake.

To his credit, Yost has shown a lot of patience with these young players. And like him or not, this manager has the Royals in a pennant race.

It's worth something, but not a new contract.

I want a manager who will come in here and crack the whip.

That's, Jack's Smack.

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