JACK'S SMACK: Royals' trading deadline brings mixed reactions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I'm back on the bandwagon but I'm not buckled in. I could bail at any time.

The trading deadline is here and there's mixed reaction on what the Royals should or should not do. Many of you want them to sell--- not me.

Let's keep it right where it is for the rest of the season.

I really believe this team can play 10 games over 500 in their final 60 games.

I don't think Detroit is locked in.

Tigers have defensive issues and they might be losing their shortstop in this PED mess.

Royals are 5-3 against Detroit and still have 11 games head-to-head.

I'm not conceding anything at this point to any team.

Eighty-eight games won this division last year.

The Royals do need to leave their pitching alone.

Santana is a rental, but if they get rid of him, there is no chance of winning anything this season.

Why can't we let this season play out instead of always worrying about next year?

You can win with pitching and defense in this league but offense is still an issue.

My biggest concern is the manager. This guy won't leave it alone. Yost is always tinkering with the lineup.

Left-right, right-left stuff. Enough already!

The Royals have a soft schedule for the next 10 days, then it really gets nasty in the middle of August. Four with Boston, three with Miami, and five with Detroit.

If they can survive that stretch, the worst losing drought in professional sports could be over. We can only hope.

That's Jack's Smack.

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