JACK'S SMACK: SEC will dominate Big 12 in basketball this season

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Big 12 versus the SEC -- oh boy!

This debate can create some sparks around here only because Missouri has defected to the larger and arguably better overall conference.

Just when there should be more parity in college football because of the rules, the SEC continues an unprecedented march to seven straight national titles, with Alabama winning three of the last four championships.

It's certainly not a league of just one dominant team. The SEC placed five teams in the AP final top-10 poll.

The Big 12 has none.

Kansas State provides the only decent football we can look forward to around here.

So, here's where the run begins.

The closer I examine the basketball landscape of these two conferences, the SEC again is clearly the dominate conference. It's not even close.

I know that sounds a little strange when you consider how good KU is every year.

For starters, the SEC has won three of the last seven national championships. It's taken over 60 years for the Big 8 and Big12 combined to win three national championships.

They're would be none if not for Kansas.

The Jayhawks have carried the banner for the Big 8/Big 12 for what seems like forever. They basically have very little competition these days.

There's no question that the Big 12 and SEC both are down this year.

Bill Self's ninth straight league championship will be the easiest. There is no one to challenge. Not Oklahoma State, not Baylor, not K-State. No one.

Big 12 let Missouri get away and gained TCU. The Horned Frogs, without question, are one of the worst basketball programs in America.

While KU will win the Big 12 by default, Missouri has a different challenge in the SEC.

The Tigers say they embrace the opportunity and chance to dethrone the defending national champion Kentucky Wildcats.

As much as both the Jayhawk and Tiger fans hate to admit it, they're both going to miss playing one another this year.

I can say this without reservation: It would have been a much easier path for Missouri in the Big 12. Now it's game on with the big boys in the SEC.

That's Jack's Smack.

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