JACK'S SMACK: The Chiefs' future looks bright

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Chiefs have been getting a lot of love in this off season for a team that canned its general manager and head coach and won only two games last year.

Andy Reid and John Dorsey came in here and fixed the quarterback position immediately.

Alex Smith will help this team win football games.

Chiefs gave Dwayne Bowe a pile of money.

We can only hope, he will quit---taking plays, off.

Donny Avery was a good pick up - from the Colts.

He can go deep.

Jamaal Charles appears healthy again.

They've got to cut back on his number of carries.

Three hundred in a season is too many in light of that injury .

Knile Davis will be able to pick up some of the load.

They also acquired a blocking-- fullback from the Arizona Cardinals.

The new head coach loves to throw it all over the field.

Offensive line has to be better with Brandon Albert and Eric Fisher at the tackles.

When I look at this stuff on paper, I kind of get excited about the possibilities.

I really like what the Chiefs did in the secondary.

Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson are major upgrades at cornerback and they've still got Brandon Flowers.

Chiefs are in good shape at linebacker.

Three of the four guys went to the pro bowl.

Defensive line? I don't know.  It's been a question mark for too long and it still is.

They did pick up Mike Devito from the Jets, but the Chiefs can't stop the run and they have a hard time getting to the quarterback.

That's a deadly combination on defense.

Still, I'm encouraged when I see what the new people have put together,  in a short period of time.

It's all about NOW in the NFL.

Chiefs have averaged only five wins a season for the past five years.

That's a horrible stat.

Last year, they were dead last in turnovers and dead last in take-a-ways.

You can't just fix that, overnight.

This football team still has a ways, to go.

I'm just sayin'...it looks good on paper, but let's see how it plays out.

That's Jack's Smack.

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