JACK'S SMACK: The Chiefs still run Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Royals have stolen the August thunder in this town and are poised for a late run in a pennant race. They've made baseball fun again this summer.

But, the Chiefs still rule around here. In their pre-season opener against the Saints, the Chiefs won the TV ratings battle by more than a 3-1 margin when going up again the Royals and the Red Sox.

That's something when you consider the Chiefs played a glorified practice game with back-ups for three and a half quarters-- and still had an overall 23 household rating compared to the royals 8.9 rating.

It wasn't even close.

The Chiefs are quietly wrapping up training camp in St. Joe. Cuts are still two weeks away, but starting jobs are pretty much locked up on both sides of the ball.
The Chiefs are going to surprise some people, including the Denver Broncos. Just you watch.

From worst to first?   That's bold, but why not?

Manning is a year older and the Broncos took a big hit losing Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.

There's no question, Denver is still the team to beat in the AFC West. But the Chiefs will be the most improved team in the NFL this season.

Alex Smith is a huge upgrade at quarterback and the coaching staff is far superior to last year's mess.

Defensively, you've got three linebackers who went to the Pro Bowl. Secondary has been improved dramatically.

Look at the schedule. The Chiefs and Broncos don't play until the second half of the season. November 17th at Denver and two weeks later at Arrowhead on December 1.

The Chiefs play five of their last seven games against teams in the division. I like the way the first half's eight games of the season line up.

The NFL gave the Chiefs a freebie right out of the gate when they get to open at Jacksonville.
Jaguars are not any good.

The league did Denver no favors. The Broncos open against the defending super bowl champs Baltimore Ravens.

You would think, the Chiefs will go a game up after the first week. Andy Reid gets three in a row against the NFC East.

No one knows that division better than the Chiefs new head coach.

What a week to open at home against the Cowboys on September 15 and four days later Reid goes home to face his former team, the Eagles in Philadelphia, on a Thursday night.

While the Chiefs get the Giants and Cowboys at home, Denver must play those two teams on the road.

I'm just saying, the Chiefs are going to surprise a lot of people. See you at the pay window in Vegas.

That's, Jack's Smack.

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