JACK'S SMACK: ‘Winning ways have encouraged us to pull together'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I've discovered it's becoming more difficult to fill this space because of all the winning that's going on around here.

It's a new sports culture we're dealing with.

There's just not a whole lot for me to rant about.

Royals, Chiefs, and Sporting KC have made us feel better about where we live. The winning ways have encouraged us to pull together.

We still want to beat the snot out of the Denver Broncos. That will never change.

This grumpy old man who has been quick to expose the warts of those who make the headlines is now being accused, by some, of turning soft. I can promise you, that ain't going to happen.

There will be no free passes for our manager who admits he manages by his "gut" feeling.

If Dayton Moore wants Ned Yost in the dugout next year, make him the bench coach. Just keep him away from the pitching staff.

Andy Reid has become my new favorite sports personality in town.

"Big Red' personifies everything you want in a coach: victories. Victories which come in bunches. Everybody loves a winner.

I'm not so sure you want to live with this so-called "soft" approach to Smack, but we might try for a while.

Here's the deal: If I detect any missteps along the way, we'll see how long this plays out.

I'm betting it will be about as long as it takes KU to lose another football game.

That's Jack's Smack.

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