Jack's Smack: Mizzou's not going away and Kansas' 3-0 isn't all that impressive

All you Missouri haters need to take heed.

The Tigers are not going away until at least April.

More on that, in a minute.

Speaking of haters, the Beakers have come out of the woodwork to blast me pretty good and let me know they're beloved Jayhawks are rolling through the league with yet another double digit beatdown.

Sure enough, add Texas Tech to the list or those getting trampled by KU..

That's three runaway victories in the league by a whopping winning margin of 20 a game.

You know what? I'm not that impressed, and here's why.

It's three lopsided wins against three teams picked in the bottom half of the conference.

I wouldn't get too giddy over that 3-0 start.

I'm sure the KU bandwagon is filling up with a bunch of front runners, many of whom,don't even know where Lawrence, Kansas is located.

And that's fine.

It's all about the history of the program.

And by the way, props to Bill Self for winning his 250th game last night. That's remarkable. That's over 30 wins a season in his 8-plus years.

Anyhow, back to Missouri.

The Tigers went into Hilton Coliseum and were able to overcome some of the worst officiating I've ever seen.

Kim English was called for two quick fouls right after halftime.

The first one was a phantom call and the second whistle, for having, bad breath.

The stripers in that game were just brutal.

Clones were lobbing air balls from the free throw line or the outcome would have been different.

Iowa State is a feisty bunch.

They love the deep 3 and how about that 50 footer at the halftime buzzer?

This season is going to be a lot of fun and it's wide open.

I've felt all along, five teams have a shot at the title.

A 10-day stretch in early February will define KU's season.

The Jayhawks have games at Missouri, at Baylor and at K-State.

There's a very good chance they'll lose all 3 of those games.

It's tough to beat good teams on the road.

And this is probably Self's worst team since coming to Kansas.

I still believe the first team to 15 wins, gets the trophy and my money is now, on the Baylor Bears.

That's Jack's Smack.

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