JACK'S SMACK: What coach would want to come here?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Black Monday turned into a bloodbath around the NFL. Seven coaches were canned and five general managers are out of jobs.

The firing of Romeo Crennel is nothing but a temporary Band-Aid. I think we all agree he needed to go.

He's really too nice of a guy to devote his life to a sport that cripples too many of its combatants. It's also a sport that can make old men who coach it want to find a good rocking chair and return to a civil lifestyle.

While Crennel is out, Scott Pioli remains on life support. Football fans in this town are livid that he's still on the job.

I took a tongue-lashing on the 810 post-game show for suggesting I actually like Pioli as a person.
Fans have been up in arms because Pioli hasn't done anything about the quarterback position.

You can hate on Pioli all you want, that's certainly your right as a fan. But he's no different than you and I. He's simply doing what he's told to do by his boss.

I have never seen such a disconnect between the fan base and management of this franchise.

Clark hunt indicated today that Pioli's future with the team is tenuous, at best. I sent a text to Pioli asking about his status.

He responded by saying "Status not determined yet."

Hunt said he -- and he alone -- would hire the new head coach. That doesn't look good for Pioli.

I don't have a clue on who they're going to hire. The list to pick from is lengthy.

I mentioned seven head coaches were fired Monday. There are all kinds of assistant head coaches running around, looking for jobs. But, who would want to come here?

Four of the last five head coaches in Kansas City lasted three years or less. This team hasn't had back-to-back winning seasons in 15 years. This franchise hasn't won a playoff game in nearly 20 years.

But, Hunt has a big carrot to dangle in trying to lure a new coach. He's got the number one pick in the draft, and that is huge.

But, I'll be honest. These people at Arrowhead make me nervous when draft time rolls around. Is it really possible to screw up that number one pick?

I'm saying it's 50/50 right now.

That's Jack's Smack.

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