Legendary KC football coach shares perspective on Penn State abuse scandal

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - One of Kansas City's legendary football coaches shares his perspective on the Penn State abuse scandal.

Rockhurst coach Tony Severino said he is saddened for the kids and their families.

He believes this was a major cover up with a lot of egos involved.

Severino sat down with Paterno in his office for more than an hour back in 1986 and described it as one of the greatest moments of his coaching career.

In an interview several years ago with USA Today, Severino described Joe Paterno as his idol.

He said he never met Sandusky but he will begin an important dialog with his players.

"All the kids are aware of it. You hear all talk. I was going to talk with them about it today. The fact is if anything like this ever happens with anybody, go to the police," said Severino.

Severino always told his players to be gentlemen with courage, a mantra he picked up from one of Paterno's books.

Severino said Paterno is no longer his coaching idol.


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