Kansas State University instructor one of two Americans to help produce Olympics Opening Ceremony

MANHATTAN, Kan. - One of only two Americans chosen to help produce the elaborate Olympic Ceremony in Sochi is back home in Kansas.

Bryan Pinkall arrived home Sunday at Kansas State University after spending a month in Russia. Pinkall, a graduate of UMKC and a voice instructor at Kansas State, said h e had months of interviews and "tests" before he knew whether he would be selected to go to Sochi. 

Once he arrived, he said rehearsals were 12- to 15-hour days.  He was chosen to help manage the 12,000 member cast partly because he is a gifted vocalist, an opera tenor, and an Olympic historian.  The 28-year-old wore several hats during the extravaganza; he even had to wear one of the glowing white outfits for part of the three-hour show and perform for an ill cast member. He  said it was a little tricky ushering in the large American delegation of athletes.

"(There were) so many people taking pictures, and we had to move them very quickly and miss all these cameras that were in the way," Pinkall said.

Pinkall blogged about his experience at the Opening Ceremony.  


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