Lenexa business helps design super suit for U.S. Olympic speed skaters

LENEXA, Kan. - A Lenexa-based company's one-of-kind technology helped design a super suit for the U.S. Olympic speed skating team.

Dynamic Athletics Research Institute (DARI) is considered the most advanced data management company for human movement in the world. It partnered with Under Armour and Lockheed Martin to develop the Mach 39 American Speed Skating Skin, which is giving Team USA a slight edge in the Sochi Games.

DARI used innovative technology that captures 3D motion and collects precise, full-body kinetics which were used to design a suit that fit the specific needs of the Olympic skaters. 

"The overriding concept behind DARI is efficiency and precision lead to better performance; better information leads to better decisions," said Patrick Moodie, president and co-founder of DARI. "Our goal is to provide skilled professionals the custom tools they need to improve their athletes and enhance their product development."

In early 2012, DARI put 17 patented motion capture censors on the country's best skaters at the Utah Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City. The technology captured the athletes movement and provided the detailed data needed to create the most aerodynamic skin.

"Specifically, DARI has the ability to capture all of the biomechanical data produced by the speed skater and catalog that data," Moodie said. "From that point on the data becomes the backbone for the development in both aerodynamics and fabric technology. We believe that core data is the key to unlocking new advancements in performance."

DARI's motion capture technology also includes an 18-camera 3D motion lab that's used for performance optimization, corporate wellness, physical therapy and injury prevention.

The organization's headquarters in Lenexa has an outpatient clinic where clients can complete a variety of motions and get an extensive report of their body's mobility. 

For physical therapy patients, DARI takes away all the guess it work by using specific data measurements to pinpoint problems and progress

DARI is hosting an open house to showcase their work from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on March 6. More information can be found on the company's website.

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