Youth football clinic focuses on concussion prevention

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - ‘Take your head out of football – that's the message one group hopes students take away from Saturday's youth football clinic.

Former Kansas City Chiefs players Anthony Davis and Shawn Barber were on hand at the clinic to promote that very message to players in the Wyandotte County Youth Football League.

During the clinic, Barber signed autographs and talked to the players who are now learning the ‘Heads Up' approach to safely tackle.

The new technique will hopefully help prevent players from receiving concussions while on the field.

"The game wasn't meant to be played with your head, it was meant to be played with your shoulder pads, your chest plate," Barber said. "We have to learn to play the game a safer way, and I think that starts with just taking your head out of the game."  

The Wyandotte County Youth Football League is only one of 100 in the country in a pilot program for the new tackle training.

Their coaches must now be certified and their parents are trained as well.

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