Tornado safety tips: What to do when a tornado strikes

You know the difference between a tornado watch and warning, but do you know what to do when a tornado strikes?

These few tips can help save your life.

When a tornado warning is issued:

  • Go to the basement or the lowest level of your home, if you do not have a basement head to an interior room such as a closet. The overall goal is to put as many walls between you and the storm.
  • Stay away from windows
  • Protect the head and neck by using a helmet.
  • If you live in a mobile home get out and seek shelter in a sturdy building or a underground shelter, mobile homes are no match for the powerful winds of a tornado.


If you’re traveling:

  • Know what radio stations are available so you can receive weather coverage and be aware of changing weather conditions.
  • Find an exit and seek shelter in a sturdy building, if no shelter is available park on the side of the road and cover your head and neck and try to stay as low as you can, this will protect you from glass and possible debris.
  • Never under any circumstances take shelter under an overpass, will this offer you no protection from flying debris.




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