Are you ready for the cold? Try these tips to help prepare

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the cold weather creeps in, are you ready for the low temperatures it's bringing and the effects that can have on your car or home?

For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, your tires lose one pound per square inch. That loss could cause a blowout.

George Gillespie, service manage at DLS Tire advises you look for a sticker on your car that tells you the exact PSI your car should be running on.

"You want to have your coolant tested to make sure it is good for the winter," Gillespie said.

Something you won't want to check yourself is your furnace.

Tanne Daale with Bob Hamilton Heating and Plumbing said the biggest problem is igniters.

"We check to make sure that those are operating correctly. Some of the other ones have problems with special components on them," he said.

The best advice is to have whatever heating system you own checked once a year.

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