Dry spell causes concern for farmers

PAOLA, Kan. - The leaves on some Kansas corn are curling up and showing signs of distress. The plentiful rain early in the season is now nowhere to be found.

Merle Kaiser's crop near Paola, Kan., is feeling the heat and begging for rain.

Kaiser hoped to use this summer to make up for last year when his corn yields were cut in half.

He's not terribly worried about this year's yields just yet, but he could be very soon.

"It'll probably begin to affect it in the next week or ten days," Kaiser said.

Miami County National Resources Conservation Service Conservationist Grover DePriest said many farmers are in the same situation, dealing with two weather extremes in one growing season.

"Farmers got their crops in late and they're small and they're real susceptible to extra heat and dryness we've got now," DePriest said.

He said local soil is already shallow and struggles to retain moisture. In fact, the latest drought monitor released by the University of Nebraska showed the drought, which had essentially disappeared, is beginning to spread again.

"After last year, yeah, I'm beginning to get nervous," Kaiser said.

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