Finding Nemo: Moore resident loses home, but finds pet dog

MOORE, Okla. - When animals are found in the rubble of the deadly tornado, rescue crews have been bringing them to Moore's Home Depot.

Several people came in hopeful that even though they lost everything else, their pet would still be there alive and waiting.

Scott Burkhart was'nt very optimistic and as he looked around at the cages full of dogs and cats, he saw no sign of his lost dogs, Romy and Nemo.

Nemo liked to hide behind the toilet when he was afraid but Burkhart had already checked through the rubble of his home.

"Oh 10 percent," said Burkhart about the chance he thought he had of getting either dog back.

Still, Tuesday he decided to check one more time. This time, he heard a whimper that beat the odds.

But there, shivering in the shower under a pile of debris, Nemo was making little cries that Burkhart heard.

"If you saw my house you'd never believe anything could survive. She found the only place. "

Burkhart knows the pup's original owner, his wife, will be the only one who rejoices even more in Finding Nemo.

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