Frustration grows with snow piles as spring limps in

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The second day of spring greeted Kansas City with a cold, wet kiss on Thursday. Blowing snow and chilly temperatures lasted most of the day.

City residents, wary of snow after back-to-back blizzards and just the briefest glimpse of warm weather, are understandably frustrated by the weather.

"Everybody's livid with the weather," said Kelly Corso, 24, of Bellezza Salon and Tanning in Brookside. "It's so annoying. It's so cold."

Corso says with warm weather nowhere to be found, the salon has seen an influx of customers coming in to spend time under the tanning lights.

Down the street at J'Adore, a home and garden supply store, the snow has ground business nearly to a halt, with frozen ground unfit for planting.

Owner Allan Stever said only three of the last 30 days have felt like spring at all, and that warmer weather "can't come soon enough."

Clutching a hot coffee and bundled against the blowing snow, florist Megan Diamond agreed. She said she views this extended winter as something of a balancing point with last year's mild one.

Saying she doesn't watch the TV forecasts anymore, Diamond offered her own hopeful prediction.

"I think next week it's going to be 75 degrees everyday, where it is going to stay until the end of time," Diamond said.

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