Granbury, Texas tornado: 'The entire community is wiped out'

GRANBURY, Texas - Several north Texas communities are devastated after more than a dozen tornadoes touched down Wednesday night.

The hardest-hit was Granbury, where six people died and seven people remained unaccounted for early Friday.

"It's terrible," Amanda Layne said. "The entire community is wiped out."

Amanda and her husband Daniel waited two years for a home from Habitat for Humanity. They lived in a neighborhood with several Habitat homes called Rancho Brazos.

"There literally is no Rancho Brazos anymore," Amanda said.

Their house, along with countless others, is now gone. At least six of their neighbors were killed.

"You look down where all the rest of the houses normally are, there's nothing there," Daniel Layne said. "Piled up cars, cars in trees, there's a car in our water tower."

The National Weather Service now says 16 tornadoes tore through northern Texas Wednesday night.

Miguel Morales was hit by flying debris as he huddled with his son in the bathroom of their mobile home.

"He was crying," Morales remembers. "And he said ‘If I die, I just want to say I love you dad and mom.'"

As the massive cleanup continues, residents of the hardest-hit neighborhoods may have to wait for days to return, and see what's left of their homes.

In some areas, it could be weeks before power is restored.