Greensburg becomes green, sustainable city after EF-5 tornado

GREENSBURG, Kan. - A community to last a lifetime became the new motto of Greensburg, Kansas after a devastating EF-5 tornado.

The community would rebuild in a different way, a way that no other town had done before. It would be a green and fully sustainable city.

In December 2007, the city council passed a bill that would allow the city to achieve LEED platinum status.

LEED or Leadership energy and design is a program that allows the government to score a city based on how many green improvements a city has made. Bicycle racks, reusing materials and resourcing materials all count as points on the LEED scorecard.

City hall, the hospital and the school have all reached platinum status.

This changed the city of Greensburg. They are their own utility and their consumption of electricity use per capita has dropped. Water is being conserved at a higher rate than ever before, which lines up with conservation values that many in small town America share. 

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