Heat sizzles Kansas City metro area on summer "fry"-day

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - If you were unlucky enough to be stuck working outside on Friday, you felt it.

The sticky, sweaty, constant heat.

Temperatures didn't break records, and in many places didn't break 100 degrees, but across the metro, workers suffered.

"It's hot. It's too hot," one Overland Park tree trimmer said simply, wiping his brow and sweating through a long-sleeve shirt.

Firefighters drank water out of gallon jugs and kept their fingers crossed they'd be sent only on medical calls, and not be forced to don 50 pounds of heavy gear.

"What it pretty much boils down to is if you're wearing a winter coat," Paul Drinkard, a veteran firefighter, said.

Playground surface temperatures reached 170 degrees by late afternoon and parks were deserted by all but the heartiest amateur athletes and most loyal dog walkers.

At the Midwest Classic golf tournament, Concession Manager Curtis Wohlford delivered perhaps the saddest summation of the day's weather.

"It's actually too hot for ice cream today," Wohlford said, "People don't enjoy their ice cream when it gets this hot. It just falls off the cone."

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