How you can help Oklahoma tornado victims right now

LEAWOOD, Kan. - Local preparations are already underway to offer help to the tornado victims in Oklahoma.
Churches said the best way to give right now is money.

While many denominations train volunteers regularly to be prepared to help at any time, they said money is the fastest and easiest way to help in the aftermath. They said donated dollars move fast, so victims can quickly get what they need.

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Another way you can help is by waiting until the first responders at the scene finish their rescue and recovery efforts, and volunteering to be a second responder.

Leawood's Church of the Resurrection began preparing Tuesday to eventually send hundreds of volunteers as part of their Reach and Restore Disaster Response Team.
The Methodist denomination, like many others, trains volunteers to work with construction equipment so they are ready to go when disasters need to be cleaned up.

"At first, they'll work with chain saws and skid loaders removing rubble, clearing trees and all of those things. Then we'll send teams of volunteers that will also be cleaning out the muck and garbage and trying to get things to a place where we can start rebuilding," Peter Metz, spokesman for Church of the Resurrection, explained.

Volunteers will also then help in the reconstruction phase. The church predicts it will send at least 1,000 volunteers during the next several years to help.
Reach and Restore Teams are still in New Orleans helping rebuild from Hurricane Katrina.
To donate money, go to:

To donate your time, go to:

The church said skills that are useful for serving in a reach-and-rescue role are physical work, construction, home repair, cleaning and restoration.

If you have more questions about joining this ministry, contact CORE's Jerry O'Donnell at jerry@pandjpartners or 913-669-6619 or

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