JoCo farmer says this year's drought worst than last year

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - Johnson County farmer Tom Boehm is worried he may not get anything out of this year's corn crop. This summer has been another dry one, and it's the third year in a row of drought.

Spring rain provided moisture to his dried-out fields, but the boost was short-lived because of the severity of the drought. Drought conditions have been re-emerging over the past few weeks, spreading rapidly across the Midwest.

Boehm said it's too late for most of his corn, but for the few acres that can produce a crop, the rain needs to get here fast.

"It's pollinating right now. That's when it takes in the moisture to get that plant growing to get your ear," Boehm said.

He predicts this summer's yields will be worse than last, where he took in a fraction of a normal yield.

Boehm said the third year of difficulty with corn has him considering growing more wheat, which stands up better to drought.

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