Kansas plow company hoping for winter weather

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - Snow is finally in the forecast, and not a second too soon for a Leavenworth, Kan., business.

Henke Manufacturing builds industrial grade snow plows for cities, counties and states across the country. Company president Doug Metcalf said Henke typically ships out 2,000 plows every season.

Metcalf said the company did not feel the pinch of the drought last year because their customers had already purchased their plows. But now, he said, those same customers are looking at their snow removal budgets and deciding not to spend anything in hopes of another mild winter.

Metcalf said Henke's parts business is down 40 percent this season because fewer customers need to make repairs.

But now Metcalf finally has encouraging news from the forecast.

"Hopefully what's coming right now, which looks to be big at least across the northern half of the United States, ought to help people remember that it will snow sometime this year and they ought to buy some more plows," Metcalf said.

Henke Manufacturing employs 90 people in Leavenworth. While Metcalf said they are not close to think about layoffs right now, another winter like the previous year could change things.

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