Mild severe weather season has left storm chasers wanting more

Dean Burton has a place for everything in the "Intercept Images" Jeep. He has a tire kit, a red cross kit, flashlights, a computer and even a shovel. He and his wife, Leslie, know it's better to be prepared than not.

The Independence, Mo., couple chase storms -- lots of them.

Experience has taught them there isn't a moment to waste when you're approaching a storm.

"It's a constant flood of information and so you don't have time sometimes to think about 'Wow, that was really intense or that was really close,'" Leslie said.

The Burtons have caught Mother Nature in her most breathtaking moments, and they have home videos to prove it.

They hope Saturday is no different.

"Since it's been such a quiet season, this will book end it because it started out with something in April," Leslie said.

The threat of severe weather in October is a treat for storm-chasing adrenaline seekers. However, the Burtons worry that for everyone else, storms this late in the season can come as a surprise.

"Living in Kansas and the Midwest, often we do become complacent. But, the Red Cross really wants people to be aware and have that plan. Make sure they know where to go, make sure their family knows where to go," Jamie Dierking of the American Red Cross explained.

To be prepared, the Red Cross recommends having a kit complete with flashlights, first aid materials and a NOAA weather radio.

"It doesn't take very long for things to rapidly get out of hand and for things to become severe quickly," Leslie reflected.

The Burtons are prepared for hail, wind, and even the threat of tornados on Saturday.  Through it all, they plan to live-stream the storm for all of the world to see.

"It's going to move in quick and it's going to be gone before you know it so hopefully everybody is ready," she said.

You can watch the storm chasing pack head from north Texas to Kansas on Tornado Alley Live.

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