Missouri woman loses mother in Moore, Oklahoma tornado

ST. LOUIS - A Missouri woman has canceled her plans to move to Oklahoma City.

Angeletta Santiago wanted to be closer to her mother, but her mother died on Monday, when an EF-5 tornado hit her home in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.

"To lose her to something so devastating, it hurts," Santiago said.

She last spoke to her mother, Tewauna Robinson, as the tornado was bearing down on her home.

"She called me and said, 'Hey, the tornado has touched down. I'm in my closet, and I love you,'" Santiago recalled.

Her mother, 45, lived just one block away from Plaza Towers Elementary, one of the schools devastated by the tornado that pulverized the city.

Angeletta tried to call her mother but couldn't get ahold of her, so she immediately got on Facebook and searched victim websites to try to find her.

"I had hope and I prayed, because once they said that they had found like 101 bodies, I'm like, 'Hey. My mom is one of the 101,'"  Santiago added.  "Even when they said the death toll had dropped from 51 to around 20, 29, I was even hopeful then, because I thought in my mind, maybe my mom didn't pass in this, you know, maybe my mom was just hurt."

She says her mother was a friend, a sister, and everything a girl could want with her mom.  Now, her thoughts and prayers are with the others who lost loved ones.

"My heart goes out to everybody's family that has been affected."  Santiago said.  "I know it was not just mine. The babies that have lost their lives. The mothers that will never be able to see their children again. I hope you all are healed, as well as myself."