Moore tornado audio: Teachers share chilling recording from inside Briarwood Elementary Schooll

MOORE, Okla. - Lynne Breton and Jessica Orr are still shaken. Their voices still quiver when they talk about it.

Monday afternoon, when a massive tornado struck Briarwood Elementary School in Moore, Okla., they huddled with 25 students inside a bathroom.

The teachers shared some chilling audio recorded inside the bathroom as the tornado bore down on the building.

To hear the audio, click the video player above. WARNING: The audio may be considered disturbing.

Breton says she covered two kids with her body, and kept thinking, "Don't let me die. Just don't ... Let me get these babies out of here."

As the roof was torn off and the ceiling caved-in on the bathroom, Breton can be heard trying to reassure the screaming children.

"You're ok! We're ok! We're going to be ok!"

Breton said she didn't know what else to tell them.

"I just kept telling them 'We're ok.'"

Breton teaches 6th grade at Briarwood. Orr teaches 5th grade. The kids they were protecting were all 10 or 11 years old.

Breton says the most intense part of the experience was when the tornado was at its strongest and grinding their school apart.

At one point, one of the kids shouted at Breton: "I love you."

"Oh i love you, too!" she can be heard saying. "We're OK! We're OK!"

Eventually, the terror subsided as the tornado moved on.

"And the sound, you could hear it just start to go away," Orr recalled. "And I thought 'We made it. We made it.  Thank you god.'"

Everyone survived, the teachers say.  No one was hurt inside the bathroom.