Parts of the Northland already seeing snow accumulation

PLATTE CITY, Mo. - Snow and sleet is falling across the metro Friday, and in Platte City the snow has been falling steadily since 8 o'clock in the morning.

There is mostly a dusting on the side roads, and thanks to early treatment with salt, there are few troubles on highways like Interstate 29.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says they've been salting the roadways all day, working since 11 p.m. Thursday.

MoDOT's crews are focusing mostly on the bridges and overpasses around the state.

41 Action News spoke with semi-truck drivers in Platte City who typically have the most trouble on the roadways.

They said as long as their trucks are full, they're typically ok during snowstorms, but as soon as they empty their semi, they start sliding.

They're relying on car commuters to watch out for them.

Semi-truck driver Mike Feddersen says he constantly has problems with drivers who seem to forget how to drive in the snow.

"We need drivers to look out for us. We are always anticipating what the car drivers will do, but if something goes wrong we need a lot of time to stop and apply our breaks," he said.

Several local municipalities tell us they've used 2-3 times more salt this year than last.

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