Police: Defrost windows or get a ticket

In these frosty winter temperatures, drivers who don't take the time to scrape or defrost their car windows could be looking at a hefty ticket.

Not scraping your windshield and side windows is against the law in both Kansas and Missouri. Police in Prairie Village warn they are writing $85 tickets to drivers who don't comply.

This winter, police have issued around three tickets per day and dozens of warnings to drivers.

Sergeant James Carney said Prairie Village Police started cracking down in 2010, when a driver nearly killed a cyclist at a crosswalk. The driver did not see the cyclist because his windows were not defrosted.

"It's completely preventable," Sgt. Carney said. "All that had to happen was the driver had to take an extra four to five minutes to warm the car up or a quick scrape of the windows would have taken care of the condensation."

Prairie Village officers said if you made any effort to defrost, you'll most likely just get a warning.

"We are not interested in giving you an $85 ticket for somebody who hasn't cleaned their windshield in the morning," Sgt. Carney said. "We would rather prevent accidents and injuries. Just take a few extra minutes before you head out of the driveway and into work."

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