Road crews spend day prepping for possible winter weather

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Road crews spent Tuesday preparing for Wednesday morning's anticipated winter weather.

Crews spent the day checking the snow plows in Kansas and Missouri. They wanted to make sure the plows and salt trucks were ready to go for Wednesday morning.

The Kansas Department of Transportation has 50 trucks in Overland Park and said they were ready to hit the road, if needed.

"Our plan we have set right now is that we'll probably have a small crew in late this evening after midnight. They can monitor the snow flurries that may happen after that," KDOT street maintenance supervisor Brian Hutchinson said. "The forecast is stating our freezing temperatures probably won't come until early morning."

Because of the rain, other area street maintenance crews said they were not able to pretreat the roads as planned.

Watch Wednesday morning for updates on road conditions, school closings and snow removal information.

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