Small winter weather events can cause big issues

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Winter weather can come in all shapes, sizes and forms: blizzards, crippling ice storms, 10 minutes of freezing drizzle, or a light coating of snow.

There are many instances where small events can cause big issues.  

Ten minutes of freezing drizzle can take a perfectly dry road and turn it into a skating rink without warning.

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Sometimes a light coating of snow on a bitterly cold day can create extremely hazardous conditions within minutes.

Unfortunately, Kansas City experienced a prime example of a small event that turned tragic. January 23, 2000 was a sad day for Kansas City and Chiefs fans after one of the most dominating defensive players of the 1990s, Derrick Thomas, was in a horrible accident that left him paralyzed and led to his death.

The accident occurred around 1:30 on that winter afternoon as Thomas was heading to KCI Airport. On the way there, Thomas experienced a seemingly smaller winter event. Just a two-hour period of snow quickly coated the roads with just one inch of snow. It was a small system that made a life-changing impact.

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