Spring & summer forecast: Some moisture, but many hot days on the way

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There was a dry weather pattern until the end of March. We ended up getting the rain we desperately needed.

We are still concerned that it will be a very hot and dry summer. But during the spring we may just barely get enough moisture to not be too concerned for a while.

We use my hypothesis, the LRC, to help us make these accurate long-range forecasts. 

The pattern is cycling regularly and this same pattern will continue through this upcoming summer.

It hasn't been 100 degrees since September 8, 2013. Yes, it has been almost four years in a row without a 100-degree day at KCI Airport.

This will change this year.

We are forecasting many 100-degree days this summer. The LRC helped us predict the very low snowfall total this past winter, and it is going to help us predict these 100-degree days coming our way.

So, let's enjoy the nice spring weather while we have it!

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