Storm shutters Spirit AeroSystems plant

Workers told to await call to come back

WICHITA, Kan. - All but a handful of workers at the Spirit AeroSystems plant here are being asked to stay home until further notice as engineers assess the damage a tornado did to the complex of buildings April 14.

Hundreds of workers were moved quickly to safe areas Saturday night as a tornado bore down on the plant, company spokesman Ken Evans said Sunday.

"When the storms came, it was clear how important it is to drill for these things, because they did exactly as they were told," Evans said. "They went to their safe areas, all were accounted for and there were no injuries."

Evans said normal operations were suspended after the storm passed through, ripping up sections of the plant's roof and cutting off electric power.

"It's primarily roof damage, and some water damage that resulted," Evans said. "But we don't see any damage to product, so customers don't need to be concerned."

Evans said employees are being asked to stay home until further notice and to watch the news and/or await word from their managers about the plant's reopening.

Spirit AeroSystems builds several major aircraft components, including fuselages for Boeing. The plant was owned by Boeing before a 2006 sale.

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