Two kids treated for heat exhaustion on field trip at James A. Reed Memorial Park in Lee's Summit

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - The heat advisory in Kansas City shut down one Boys and Girls Club field trip Wednesday.

The Wagner Club had a field trip day to James A. Reed Memorial Park in Lee's Summit, Mo., where approximately 200 kids were scheduled to be at camp learning about canoeing, fishing and other outdoor activities. But after two kids were treated for heat exhaustion, the camp closed early for the day, according to a Boys and Girls Club spokesperson.

"We were making sure the kids had extra water. We were taking lots of breaks. We made sure we had first aid kits so that the kids were going to be safe," said Hannah Odette, Boys and Girls Club Program Director. "A couple of our kids are a little bit dehydrated, so we wanted to make sure we had paramedics on scene so they were able to help our kids right away."

The warning signs were taken very seriously and the camp had already arranged for local paramedics to be close by to help protect the kids in case something like this happened.

"They had not taken in enough water to replace what they had sweated out and started feeling nauseous and just very weak, muscle cramps. All those are classic signs of what we like to call heat exhaustion," said Ryan Baker,with the Prairie Township Fire Protection District.

Although it was hot Wednesday, to put it in perspective, the 41 Action Weather Team said it's actually cooler now than it was this time last year when we already had 12 days of 90 degree temperatures.

Luckily, Wednesday the two children were treated on scene and did not have to be taken to the hospital.

"They were doing fine by the time they left, so they were nice and cooled down and happy again," said Baker.

Baker said if you start to have the signs of heat exhaustion, find a cool place, take off any outer layers of clothing and sip cold water.

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