41 Action News Weather Bloggers make their winter 2012-2013 predictions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Our winter forecast will be coming out on Monday, Nov. 19. We are in the midst of a very bad drought that continues deep into fall with no end in sight right now. I asked our most faithful weather enthusiasts, the 41 Action Weather Bloggers, to have some fun and make their own winter predictions.

Let's take a look at some of their forecasts/projections:

Blogger Davidmcg came in with this comment: "Winter? We'll definitely have one, we always do. I think the temperature fluctuations will be extreme. The real weather factor this year, at least northwest of KC, north of Topeka for us out here will be the wind, again. In the city you don't notice the wind the way we do here in the farm land. The summer drought of 2012 will be remembered, now the winter drought of 2012/2013 will be remembered."

Wow, David, those are some pretty strong statements. The drought continues to worsen and your forecast just may come true.

We received a lot of other forecasts from the bloggers like this one:

"Snowfall-6-10 inches for the metro, below average precipitation, and below average temperatures."

And, this one from Frigate: "I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to know precipitation will be below average this season…the question is how far below average? I think we will have more snow events (no snow storms) than last year with most being in the 1/2" to 1 1/2" range, so I am not expecting more than 12 inches of snow."

KCDebi came in with this short forecast: "Cold, dry, and boring."

Mukustink had these thoughts: "I believe we will have under 10 inches of snow this year. Drought continues with below average precipitation, I do believe another boring winter is here."

And, Mowermike comes in with this bold forecast: "21.6 inches of snow, above average precipitation, near average temperatures, two icing events (1 moderate), highest temperature 68 and the lowest temperature -9."

We had many other bloggers participate.

Sedsinkc forecasts: "8-12 inches mostly from clipper systems with a wild card of getting a few lows over the entire winter that dig into the southwestern US. If these lows take favorable tracks, these could cause more snow or ice here. If the lows track to our south, we get mostly missed."

And, StormyWX says: "I'll go with 10-12 inches. It will be sort of boring again."

Theo came in with a forecast of 17.5" of snow.

It sounds like the bloggers are expecting a very boring winter with another year struggling to have any snow. We are putting the final touches on our winter forecast and we will present it on Monday at 6 PM on 41 Action News.

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